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Visit Poznań

Visit Poznań

Poznan is located on the Warta and Cybina rivers, in the Greater Poland Lakeland. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland and the capital of Greater Poland. It is home to a major road and rail hub and the Ławica International Airport. The city is rich in historical monuments with the beautiful Old Market Square, which is the centerpiece of medieval Poznań. It is the third largest market in Poland. It is on the Renaissance Town Hall that you can see the famous Poznan goats. The market is surrounded by townhouses that represent a wide range of styles from Gothic to modernism.

In addition to the Old Market Square, mandatory items on the tourist map of Poznan are the Poznan Parish Church, the Royal Castle, Liberty Square and the charming Citadel, which hides many secrets.

Business visitors don't need to praise Poznan - it's mainly known for its trade fairs held at the Poznan International Fair.

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